For 05/22/2017 To 05/25/2017


                             NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE

       ISSUER                                             SYMBOL                
*WIDEOPENWEST INC                                         WOW                   

                             AMERICAN STOCK EXCHANGE

       ISSUER                                             SYMBOL                
 CAMBRIA CORE EQUITY                                      CCOR                  

                               NASDAQ STOCK MARKET

       ISSUER                                             SYMBOL                
*APPIAN CORPORATION CLASS A                               APPN                  
 CAPITALA FINANCE CORP. 6 N                               CPTAL                 
 CLEARBRIDGE DIVIDEND STRAT                               YLDE                  
 CLEARBRIDGE LARGE CAP GROW                               LRGE                  
*IMMURON LTD WTS                                          IMRNW                 
 SMART GLOBAL HOLDINGS, INC                               SGH                   

                                    OTHER OTC

       ISSUER                                             SYMBOL                
*AMCO UNITED HOLDING LTD OR                               AMOUF                 
*ASIA FINANCIAL HOLDINGS LT                               AIFIF                 
*BAGGER DAVES BURGER TAVER                               BDVB                  
 BLUESTONE RESOURCES, INC.                                IMEED                 
 CHANTICLEER HOLDINGS INC.                                CCLRP                 
*CHINA ENERGINE INTERNATION                               CEINF                 
*CHINA HEALTHCARE HOLDINGS                                CAHLF                 
*CHINA ORIENTAL GROUP CO LT                               CUGCY                 
*CHINA RENEWABLE ENERGY INV                               CNWEF                 
 CHINA WAH YAN HEALTHCARE L                               CCWYF                 
*CHUANGS CONSORTIUM INTL LT                               CGHUF                 
 DELTA ELECTRONICS THAILAND                               DLEGF                 
*DREAM HARD ASSET ALTERNATI                               DDHRF                 
*DUONAS CORP. COMMON STOCK                                DUOA                  
 GETSWIFT LTD. ORDINARY SHA                               GSWTF                 
*GOME FINANCIAL TECHNOLOGY                                GMEFF                 
 GUNPOWDER CAPITAL CORP. OR                               GNPWF                 
 HOKUHOKU FINANCIAL GROUP,                                HKHUY                 
*HONG KONG SHANGHAI ALLIANC                               HHKLF                 
 HONMA GOLF LTD. ORDINARY S                               HNMGF                 
*IMMURON LTD  ADR                                         IMROY                 
*INFRASTRUTTURE WIRELESS IT                               IFSUF                 
 IRPC PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITE                               IRPTF                 
 JASPER INVESTMENTS LTD ORD                               JSPRF                 
*LAFE CORP LTD ORDINARY SHA                               LAFEF                 
*MAINLAND HEADWEAR HOLDINGS                               MLHHF                 
*MERLIN DIAMONDS LIMITED OR                               NALDF                 
*MEXAN LTD ORDINARY SHARES                                MEXNF                 
*NATIONAL ELECTRONICS HOLDI                               NELHF                 
 PAINTED PONY ENNERGY LTD                                 PONY                  
*PEARL ORIENTAL OIL LTD ORD                               PAOOF                 
 PT RIG TENDERS INDONESIA O                               RIGJF                 
 PT STEADY SAFE TBK ORDINAR                               PTSFF                 
 ROBINSON PUBLIC COMPANY LT                               RDSPY                 
*RTG MINING INC. SHARES CHE                               RTGGF                 
*SINO SPLENDID HOLDINGS LTD                               SSLEF                 
*SUNRISE CHINA TECHNOLOGY G                               SURCF                 
 SYNTHETIC MR AB ORDINARY S                               SYNMF                 
*TAI UNITED HOLDINGS LTD OR                               TAIUF                 
 TRINITY CAPITAL CORPORATIO                               TCPT                  
 UNITED ARROWS LTD AMERICAN                               UTDAY                 
 VANKE PROPERTY OVERSEAS LT                               VNKEF                 
*VIRGINIA PARTNERS BK FREDE                               VGAB                  
 XINJIANG XINXIN MINING IND                               XJXNF