For 09/21/2020 To 09/25/2020


                             NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE

       ISSUER                                             SYMBOL                
 ASPIRATIONAL CONSUMER LIFE                               ASPL.U                
*BLACKROCK CAPITAL ALLOCATI                               BCAT                  
*BROOKFIELD INFRASTRUCTURE                                BIP-A                 
 CAPITAL ONE FINANCIAL CORP                               COF-K                 
 CC NEUBERGER PRINCIPAL HOL                               PRPB                  
 CC NEUBERGER PRINCIPAL HOL                               PRPB+                 
 DENBURY INC                                              DEN                   
 FG NEW AMERICA ACQUISITION                               FGNA.U                
 FORTIVE CORP WHEN ISS                                    FTV*                  
 NEXTERA ENERGY INC SER Q P                               NEE-Q                 
 PERIDOT ACQUISITION CORP U                               PDAC.U                
 PMV CONSUMER ACQUISITION C                               PMVC.U                
 SOUTHERN COMPANY 4.2% NTS                                SOJE                  
*VIA OPTRONICS AG                                         VIAO                  
 VONTIER CORP WHEN ISS                                    VNT*                  
 W.R. BERKLEY CORP SER G PF                               WRB-G                 
 YUCAIPA ACQUISITION CORP W                               YAC+                  
 YUCAIPA ACQUISITION CORP                                 YAC                   

                             AMERICAN STOCK EXCHANGE

       ISSUER                                             SYMBOL                
 AMPCO PITTSBURGH CORP WTS                                AP+                   
 EXCELLON RESOURCES INC                                   EXN                   
 LAIRD SUPERFOOD INC                                      LSF                   
 PTK ACQUISITION CORP                                     PTK                   
 PTK ACQUISITION INC WTS                                  PTK+                  
 SPDR BLOOMBERG BARCLAYS 3-                               BILS                  

                               NASDAQ STOCK MARKET

       ISSUER                                             SYMBOL                
*AMESITE INC. COMMON STOCK                                AMST                  
 ARCLIGHT CLEAN TRANSITION                                ACTCU                 
 BENTLEY SYSTEMS, INCORPORA                               BSY                   
 CORSAIR GAMING, INC. COMMO                               CRSR                  
 FALCON CAPITAL ACQUISITION                               FCACU                 
*FINTECH ACQUISITION CORP.                                FTIVU                 
 FORUM MERGER III CORPORATI                               FIII                  
 FORUM MERGER III CORPORATI                               FIIIW                 
 FRANCHISE GROUP, INC. 7.50                               FRGAP                 
*GEOVAX LABS, INC. WARRANTS                               GOVXW                 
 GLOBAL X CHINA BIOTECH INN                               CHB                   
 GLOBAL X NASDAQ 100 COVERE                               QYLG                  
 GOODRX HOLDINGS, INC. CLAS                               GDRX                  
*GRAYBUG VISION, INC. COMMO                               GRAY                  
*GREENWICH LIFESCIENCES, IN                               GLSI                  
*HOLICITY INC. CLASS A COMM                               HOL                   
*HOLICITY INC. WARRANT                                    HOLUW                 
 HYGO ENERGY TRANSITION LTD                               HYGO                  
 LENSAR, INC. COMMON STOCK                                LNSRV                 
 NEWHOLD INVESTMENT CORP. C                               NHIC                  
 NEWHOLD INVESTMENT CORP. W                               NHICW                 
 OFS CAPITAL CORPORATION 6.                               OFSSG                 
*ORPHAZYME A/S AMERICAN DEP                               ORPH                  
 PDL BIOPHARMA, INC. COMMON                               PDLIV                 
*PETRA ACQUISITION, INC. UN                               PAICU                 
*PMV PHARMACEUTICALS, INC.                                PMVP                  
*PRELUDE THERAPEUTICS INCOR                               PRLD                  
 PYXIS TANKERS INC. 8.25 SE                               PXSAP                 
 PYXIS TANKERS INC. WARRANT                               PXSAW                 
*SIYATA MOBILE INC                                        SYTA                  
*SIYATA MOBILE, INC. WARRAN                               SYTAW                 
 TAYSHA GENE THERAPIES, INC                               TSHA                  
*VECTOR ACQUISITION CORPORA                               VACQU                 
 VPC IMPACT ACQUISITION HOL                               VIHAU                 

                                    OTHER OTC

       ISSUER                                             SYMBOL                
 ACREAGE HOLDINGS, INC. CLA                               ACRDF                 
 ACREAGE HOLDINGS, INC. CLA                               ACRHF                 
 AIMTC, INC. COMMON STOCK                                 TCAI                  
 BEIJING ENERGY INTL HLDG C                               PVLTF                 
*                                                         DEIWY                 
 GARRETT MOTION INC COMMON                                GTXMQ                 
*GEOVAX LABS, INC. COMMON S                               GOVX                  
 HERMITAGE OFFSHORE SERVICE                               HOFSQ                 
 MCX TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATI                               MCCX                  
 MULIANG VIAGOO TECHNOLOGY,                               MULG                  
 PROCESSA PHARMACEUTICALS I                               PSCA                  
 PSH GROUP HLDG INC COMMON                                GLHD                  
*RIO PARANAPANEMA ENERGIA S                               DEIPY                 
*TISDALE RESOURCES CORP ORD                               SNRAD                 
 TOWN SPORTS INTERNATIONAL                                CLUBQ